The goal of the Training and Research Education Core is developing the knowledge and experience of individuals who will serve as future public health and tobacco control experts. Led by Richard Rothenberg, a physician-epidemiologist at Georgia State University with extensive public health and research experience, the Core includes a three-tiered training program with multiple targeted audiences. The program:

  • recruits post-doctoral students,
  • provides specialty training for established faculty, and
  • introduces pre-doctoral and doctoral students to tobacco regulatory science.

This multi-level training uses numerous education modalities (traditional, online, and blended instruction; practicum experiences; symposium and colloquium exchanges; apprenticeship; and mentoring) and will maintain channels of exchange and communication with other TCORS to provide tailored experiences for trainees. Throughout the five year grant, the training core will provide education and training opportunities for MPH and PhD students and a two year post-doctoral program. It also provides support for Georgia State faculty and visiting faculty who have an interest in tobacco regulation.

The two-year postdoctoral research fellowship program provides academic and practical training in tobacco regulation science. The program includes coursework and independent study over a wide variety of topics related to tobacco control, with education available in multiple schools, utilizing numerous affiliated organizations and in various locations. For more information about how to apply, click here.