Postdoctoral Research Awards


Proposal Title / Dates Principal Investigator / Institution Project Summary

Factors Associated with E-Cigarette Use among Young Adults

(Sept 2014 – Aug 2015)

Ban Majeed (GSU) The proposed study aims to investigate the harm perception and social norms around e-cigarette use among a convenience sample of young adults. The findings will have an important impact to further the research on perceptions related to and resaons for e-cigarette use and provide needed science to regulate e-cigarettes.

FDA-Proposed Warning Label on Electronic Cigarettes: Interpretations and Perceptions among US Adults

(Sept 2014 – Aug 2015)

Kyle Gregory (GSU),

Ban Majeed (GSU)

The pending regulation proposed by the FDA would require adding warning labels on electronic cigarettes, similar to those required for traditional tobacco products. The proposed study aims to explore how U.S. adults interpret and perceive these warning labels.



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