Poster Presentations

Does Risk Perception Inhibit Switching To Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) Among Adult Smokers? Evidence From GSU TCORS’ 2014-2017 Surveys | SRNT – February 2018

Time Preferences And Time Discounting Among Current, Never, And Former Smokers | SRNT – February 2018

Development And Psychometric Evaluation Of A Novel Measure Of Sensory Experiences Associated With E-Cigarette Use | SRNT – February 2018

No, The Government Doesn’t Need To, It’s Already Self-Regulated”: A Qualitative Study Among Vape Operator on Perceptions of Electronic Vapor Product Regulation | SRNT  – February 2018

Determinants Of Electronic Vapor Products Use Among Ever Users Of Electronic Vapor Products: Results from National Survey | SRNT  – February 2018

Do Adults’ Perceptions Of Nicotine Harm To Children Vary By Individual Characteristics?: Results Of A Nationally Representative Survey | SRNT – February 2018

ENDS Characteristics And Smoking Cessation Profiles, 2017 | SRNT – February 2018

Association Between Smokers’ Perceived Risk Of Injury From Exploding Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) And Their Decision To Use ENDS | SRNT – February 2018

Prevalence and Harm Perceptions of Hookah Smoking among U.S. Adults, 2014-2015 | November 2016

Are Caffeine and Nicotine Comparable?: Assessing the Implications for Future Research | 2016 NIDA Summer Research Workshop – October 2016

Reasons for E-Cigarette Use Among Current Smokers: A Qualitative Study | SRNT – March 2016

Perceived Benefits and Risks of E-cigarettes Among Vape Store Owners: A Qualitative Study | October 2015

The Potential that Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) can be a Disruptive Technology: Results from a National Survey | October 2015

Perceptions and Perspectives of ENDS Regulation of Vape Shop Operators in the Southeastern United States, 2015 | October 2015

Use of Tobacco Products among US Adults: Results from 2014 and 2015 National Surveys | October 2015

Developing Media Messages that Target Perceptions about Hookah Smoking among Multi-Ethnic Young Adults: A Qualitative Analysis | SRNT – February 2015

Perceived Harm of Electronic Cigarettes Relative to Regular Cigarettes Among U.S. Adults, 2012 | SRNT – February 2015

Understanding the E-cigarette Landscape: An Environmental Scan of Website Forums and Point of Sales | SRNT – February 2015

The Impact of Potential FDA Regulatory Actions on Smoking Prevalence among Youth and Adults: Findings from Global Adult Tobacco Survey and Global Youth Tobacco Survey | November 2014

Conducting Consumer Behavior, Risk Perception and Media Research on Novel Tobacco Products | April 2014

Enhancing the Economic Impact Analysis Used in FDA’s Rules for Tobacco Products | April 2014

Testing Tobacco Ad Restrictions and Counterads in a 3D Virtual Retail Store | April 2014